Perceptions of climate change, resilience and natural hazards

Understanding public perception and understanding of possible consequences of anthropogenic climate change has for a long time been seen as of paramount importance for both mitigation and adaptation. A key argument has been that by better understanding of people’s risk perception, decision-makers can better ensure support for initiatives for climate change adaptation as well as mitigation efforts among the public.Within climate change studies and disaster studies there has been a remarkable increase in the use of the concepts of risk, vulnerability and resilience and what makes people and communities vulnerable and resilient to both climate change and natural disasters. However the concepts are disputed both as regards what they actually mean, how they can be measured and the usefulness of the concepts. Within this discussion there has been limited attention to how lay people perceive the notion of risk, vulnerability and resilience. To this session we invite papers that in various ways investigate public perceptions of risk, vulnerability and resilience in relation to climate change and natural hazards.


Päivi Lujala, Department of Geography, NTNU

Haakon Lein, Department of Geography, NTNU


List of participants