Working groups

List of participants and rooms


  1. Sustainable transitions: policy and practice (R10) (Knut H. Sørensen, Katarina Eckerberg)
  2. Defining sustainability in the built environment (R21) (Thomas Berker, Harald Rohracher)
  3. Sustainable consumption, practices and devices (R54) (Tomas M Skjølsvold, Toke Hanustrup Christensen)
  4. Is the Value of Growth in the Antroposcene an Oxymoron? (R40) (May Thorseth, Jostein Brobakk)
  5. The rights to land (R41) (Frode Flemsæter, Katrina Rønningen, Camilla Sandström)
  6. Categories for conservation: debating nature at the science-policy interface (R4) (Gunhild Setten, Dagmar Hagen)
  7. Perceptions of climate change, resilience and natural hazards (R60) (Päivi Lujala, Haakon Lein)
  8. Food and the Environment: Investigating Leakages between Industrial and Natural Food Chains (CANCELLED)
  9. Contested urbanity: Balancing interests, values and politics of sustainable urban development (R73) (Marianne Knapskog, Einar Braathen)
  10. Towards sustainable land use? Land management, knowledge claims and land practices in the global north (R51) (Heidi Vinge, Elin Slätmo)
  11. Emergent technologies – Innovation in renewable energy (R91) (Jens Hanson, Markus Steen, Sara Heidenreich)
  12. Energy Systems and Markets (R3) (Asgeir Tomasgard, Stein-Erik Fleten, Trine Krogh Boomsma, Afzal Siddiqui)
  13. Energy policy, renewables and institutions (R90) (Espen Moe)
  14. Conceptions of energy-security: Politics and policies (R20) (Gunnar Fermann, Hugh Dyer)
  15. Energy Efficiency (un)contested: determinants of urban and building RETROFIT (R90) (Catalina Turcu, Ylva Noren Brezner)
  16. Contested Air Quality – Strategies, Policies and Collaborations (CANCELLED)
  17. Natural science knowledge and uncertainty in environmental decision making (R92 & R93) (Marie Appelstrand, Jan Darpö)



  • Plenary room: R1
  • WG1: R10
  • WG2: R21
  • WG3: R54
  • WG4: R40
  • WG5: R41
  • WG6: R4
  • WG7: R60
  • WG9: R73
  • WG10: R51
  • WG11: R91
  • WG12: R3
  • WG13: R90
  • WG14: R20
  • WG15: R90
  • WG17: R92 &R93


Centre for Rural Research
Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Department of Geography,
Department of Sociology and Political Science